This baby knows branding mattersSocial media is easy. There I said it. Social media is easy.

Well…being ON social media is easy. You can setup a Facebook page or a Twitter account and post an update or two. This is something you can do today without much thought. However, being successful on social media is where it gets a little more difficult.

Most businesses don’t start with a social media plan and that’s why their social presence starts strong but stumbles over time.

Starting with a plan is what is behind every great social campaign and every great social campaign must have a branding component.

Why is branding so important?

While the goal of social media is to generate buzz and engagement with your company and your posts, not all status updates or tweets are going to go “viral.” Many of your efforts on social media are going to give your followers/potential clients an idea of what your company is all about, but this isn’t going to spur them to share or comment on your posts.

This is where branding comes in. When you post on social networks your logo/company name goes along with the update. This is one space where you can brand your company.

In addition to your logo/company name, you should also be working in branding updates/tweets/videos to all your social media efforts.

What might this look like?

Let’s say you’re a clothing company that specializes in baby clothes. You’re branding your company as the “cute and cuddly” option. You’ll likely be using social media to share cute baby photos, safety information for babies and fun things to do with your baby, among other things. You’ll also want to be working in your branding message.

Something like this:

“This is a cute and cuddly puppy who might not fit into our clothes, but he certainly fits into our heart.”

“Cute and cuddly babies are on “Bet On Your Baby” tonight on ABC.”

“Adults can be cute and cuddly too…here’s some pictures of my hubby all cuddled up with our sweet girl Sarah.”

You’re still managing to create interesting and fun content while maintaining your brand messaging.

Mainly the key here is to recognize that no matter what stage of your social media plan you’re in you are always representing your brand online.

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