Steve Jobs Principle of Website DesignThe legendary Steve Jobs was at his core a creative thinker. He wanted to create beautiful things. In many ways he, and the company he led, excelled at the art of creating beautiful things.

It wasn’t just a computer, it was a work of art.

It wasn’t just a phone, it was a masterpiece.

It wasn’t just a tablet, it was a monument.

Steve Jobs created beautiful things that have inspired designers far and wide to carry on his principles of design in many things today.

In many ways he was a technological innovator, but he was also a design innovator. He made a machine into a work of art.

His design principle is well articulated in his quote, “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

While he wasn’t specifically talking about website design, this principle can be easily applied to the layout and design of your site.

Websites are often cluttered with unnecessary words and images. There are twitter feeds and Facebook posts. There are sliding image galleries. There are endless drop down menus and share buttons.

Clutter leads to stress which leads to your customers leaving.

When you’re working with your designer make sure he/she knows that you want to keep it simple.

As Mr. Jobs pointed out, simple is often a hard concept to master. You’ve got to think about what is truly important and ONLY include that.

Here’s how I achieve this when developing a concept for a website:

Take everything that could possibly be crammed onto the page and cut it in half.

Wait a day.

Come back and take the rest of the material and cut it in half again.

This should leave you with only the bare necessities and is a good place to start when handing your materials off to your designer.

As it turns out simplicity is not just a good design practice, but it is also one of the best ways to make your website user friendly and convert more visitors into customers.

Steve Jobs managed to master the art of simplicity and while he was never a web designer, he could have performed spectacularly in that role as well.

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