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What is a social media plan?

Your customers are looking for information and knowledge. You have that information and knowledge. By sharing what you know, you brand yourself as a go to resource for your customers.

We help you provide that knowledge to your clients where they are whether it be on social networks, search engines or their e-mail inbox.

Your knowledge and the content we create are your greatest digital marketing assets.

If you’re looking for someone to update Facebook three times a day, we’re not your company. We can do that, but it would be doing your business a disservice. You need a full blown social media plan and we’ll build that for you.

“From website design to my Facebook, Twitter and other key social media platforms, I needed some serious help and there is only one person that I trust to guide me through this process, Adam De Young (De Young Media).”

Our Process

Step 1: Does your company have a voice? If not, we’ll help you find it. If you already have a well-defined voice, we’ll help you translate it to social media, search engines, blogs and e-mail campaigns.

Step 2: Develop a social media plan for discussion and review.

Step 3: Implement plan on an on-going basis.

Ready to start?