USWNT 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup ChampionsDigital marketing agency, De Young Media wishes to congratulate the US Women’s National Soccer Team on their world championship victory over Japan this past weekend. These athletes know a lot more about search engine optimization (SEO) than we know about professional soccer.

1. Do Your Research. These athletes know to research their competitors: learn their strengths and weaknesses. We do too! When researching keywords, use tools to identify area’s of opportunity.

2. It’s a Marathon. Training for the World Cup tournament requires conditioning, strength and the ability to adapt. So does SEO. On-page targets need to line up with off-page targets as well as social strategy.  SEO is a lot of finely tuned processes working together to achieve success.

3. GOALS! These athletes know that goals win the game, but an SEO agency knows that goals are just the milestones to success. First, start by assessing where your site currently falls. Then set a short-term (3 month), mid-term (6 month) and long term (1 year) goals. Monitoring your site’s movements against your marketing activities will tell you if you are on the right path to success.

4. Keep Your Eye on the Prize. For the US Women’s National Team, it was the prized trophy; for website owners, it’s the number 1 organic search ranking. This can be done! It takes the right research, strategy, goal-setting and finally….

5. Teamwork.  This team sure knows how to work together. De Young Media is a husband-wife team with who are the yin to the other’s yang. One more technical; the other more strategic, but both are a necessary requirements for a killer SEO plan.



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