Search engine optimization and why it's important even if it is confusingIt is human nature when you hear words like algorithm to tune out, at least it is to me.  I was never good at math and if you asked me to figure out how an algorithm works or why I should even care about an algorithm I wouldn’t have a very good answer for you.  However there are really two algorithm’s you SHOULD care about if you run a business, Google and Facebook.  Sure there are others that matter, but these two are the top dogs.

Recently our non-evil friends over at Google implemented a change to their algorithm that could immensely impact your business.  In fact, the changes were so important that we’re holding a handful of webinars to explain them:

Tuesday July 14th @ 10a – Register here.

Wednesday July 22nd @ 10a – Register here.

Wednesday July 22nd @ 1p – Register here.

When it comes to your search engine optimization there is Google and then there is everyone else.  When Google speaks, you SHOULD listen.  Here is the evidence to prove it:

11.944 BILLION

Estimated number of searches conducted using Google on a MONTHLY basis. (Comscore)


Percentage of leads closed from a Google search. Compare that to the 1.7% close rate of direct mail. (Search Engine Journal)


Google’s share of the U.S. search market (Comscore)


Google’s share of mobile searches (Comscore)

67 Billion

Number of sites that are indexed by Google (Statistic Brain Research Institute)

These numbers are eye popping and make for a good story for Google to tell, but they are also significant for your business as well. If you’re not optimizing your site for Google, you’re leaving a whole lot of searches on the table, 11.944 billion to be exact.

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