Your Website Design Might Be The Pulled Hamstring of your business

Can your website really hurt your business?

Is someone really going to not shop at your store or use your service if your website has problems?


Your website design is an extension of your business and if it’s missing the mark you’re going to lose business to your competitors.

While you might not go out of business tomorrow because your website has issues, over time you will continue to lose business to the company down the street who has a rock solid online presence.

What are these harrowing mistakes you’re making?

Your website design has not been optimized for a mobile device

By the end of this year mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage. Think about that. More people will be accessing your website on their phone then they will on their computer. This is astonishing. If you’re not prepared for the apex of this revolution you will be hurting your business in a big way.

Here’s a report on mobile usage with some great information in it.

I will then sometimes hear from people that “my clients don’t use their phones to find out information on my store/service.” Then I implore them to take a second and think about their habits when finding information on local stores/service providers.

How often do you pull out your phone and look for a particular business?

I bet if you tracked your usage for a month, you would use your phone or tablet more often then you do your desktop computer to look up information about stores and service providers in your area.

You’re not sharing the love

Hopefully by now you know the importance of having a social media plan in place. If you do, then you recognize the importance of social to your business.

Then why do you not have social sharing buttons on your website

You need to build in one click sharing into every facet of your website design. Your blog posts should be shareable with the click of a button. Your products pages should have share buttons. Your services page should be easily shareable. Not having these buttons throughout your website is going to hurt your business in a big way.

85% of people say they read online reviews about local businesses. That means they are going to sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to read these reviews, but they are also getting reviews from friends and family on social networking sites. If it’s hard for them to share your information, you’ll get forgotten about and you’ll miss out on this gold mine of potential clients.

Customer Service Is No Where To Be Found

Some websites are informational. Others are sales tools. Either way, you’ll want to have an easy way for someone visiting your site to get in touch with you.

Again, let’s go back to the one-click access. Visitors to your site should be able to reach you with one click or tap of the finger from the first page they land on. That means you should have contact information on every page of your site. Let people reach you quickly and easily.

There are businesses where customer service is more important than others, but all websites require some way for your customers to get in touch with you. They might have a question about a product or want to grill you about the benefits of working with you as a service provider. Whatever their need, they should be able to reach you quickly and easily.

Two out of these three things (customer service and share buttons) can be fixed quickly and easily. Speak with your website design company and ask them to implement them immediately. The third, optimizing your website for mobile, can become a bit more of a project. It is however the most critical piece of the puzzle.

Don’t let your website hamstring your business.

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